mmandolin god

Mandolin God

This dancefloor-slaying release features professional Mandolins in the style of Bhangra rhythms that you can use right away.
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dholki monster 2

Dholki Monster Vol. 2 the latest in this popular series of loops perfectly crafted to help produce your Bhangra & Bollywood smash hit.
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goldenchild audio - vintage bhangra

Vintage Bhangra

...features the famous loop heard on Patiala Peg and Mitran De Boot. Your chance to get the very same sound!
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folk bhangra

Folk Bhangra Vol 1 a ground breaking new pack. Your way to sound like Zues and Tru Skool. Perfect for crafting Bhangra mega bangers!
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goldenchild audio - dhad

Dhadh Vol 1

'Dhadh' by Goldenchild Audio gives you crisp Dhad sounds. As heard on Baby Bass Pasand Hai in Salman Khan's latest hit.
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oye sarangi

OYE Sarangi!

...Contains crazy melodic loops to craft ground breaking tracks. Recorded with top sarangi players in Punjab.
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goldenchild audio - bhangra beat 2

Bhangra Beat 2

...reignites this bestselling series using a leather skin dhol that you hear in current hits. You need this pack.
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algozey essentials

Algozey Essentials the ultimate companion for Bhangra producers and stays close to the deep, musical vibe of folk Punjabi music.
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