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When you want to add powerful Tumbi sounds to your music, Goldenchild Audio is your friend. These loops are used by your favorite producers like Zues, DJ Sanj, RDB to name a few. On this page you will find our relases of tumbi loops and samples for download. The tumbi packs come in WAV format. We only hired tumbi players that previously played on mega hit songs to get you the craziest sounding loops. You can quickly release music with our loops. Easy drag and drop and 100% compatible with any digital audio workstations like FL Studio, Ableton and more.

tumbi loops wav

Tumbi Monster 2
Type: tumbi loops and samples
Pack Highlights: a follow up to the highest selling tumbi kit and like its brother, contains variety of loops that you can create bangers with. This insane pack recorded with a traditional tumbi gives you that instant quality sound heard on today's releases. Inspired by tumbi player legends like Yal Chand, Premi and more. Loops organized into tempo folders with the key info labeled in the filename. Click on the play button to hear this sick collection of tumbi ever found.

tumbi loop


Tumbi Monster 1
Type: tumbi loops and samples
Pack Highlights:
Big time producer Badshah (India) used this pack on hit "Move Your Lakk" in 2017. This was the first tumbi loops wav pack released in the market. This pack kicked off a ton of original tumbi loops and samples aimed at Bhangra producers. This tumbi pack also contains bonus sets of loops from the Tumba, the bigger brother of the Tumbi.

Instant Download

When you buy any of our dholki loops and samples you should be able to download your files right after completing a successful purchase. You should receive a unique user-name, password and file link which is sent via e-mail. The loops and samples that you buy can be downloaded in one easy ZIP file which includes all available formats.